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I built chipmunk with the codeblocks project file and have linked to the libchipmunk.a file but I am still getting 1 error when trying to built the hello world sample file.

Undefined reference to 'cpBodySetPos'

Any body know how to fix this?

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Did you write #include"chipmunk.h" in the code where you are calling the cpBodySetPos? –  askmish Jan 16 '13 at 19:57

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Its either you haven't linked the libchipmunk.a file properly in the linker tab or if it an older version of chipmunk, then the generated libchipmunk.a file does not contain the declaration/definition of the cpBodySetPos().

To link libchipmunk.a file:

  • Open the project file.
  • Then right click on the project (from the left pane) and click "Build Options."
  • In the window, on the left there should be , Release, Debug.
  • Select your project name, then click on the "linker" tab.
  • From there, add the library into link libraries.
  • If you're using windows, you'll have to manually find the library, or in linux, just type "chipmunk" and gcc/ld should do the rest for you.

Also do refer this link to find out if you are generating the libchipmunk.a file properly for codeblocks and from the latest version of chipmunk.

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