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I am implementing QuickFix in my RCP application.

I added org.eclipse.ui.ide.markerResolution and created a class implementing IMarkerResolutionGenerator2 interface.

public class MyResolutionGenerator implements
    IMarkerResolutionGenerator2 {

    public IMarkerResolution[] getResolutions(IMarker marker) {

    public boolean hasResolutions(IMarker marker) {
        return true;

I also created resolutions and everything is working fine.

Moment I add attributes to extension points org.eclipse.ui.ide.markerResolution, the quick fix option in the problem view always comes disabled.


No exceptions thrown nothing but I am not able to figure out the reason for it.

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I got the solution. Mistake was at my end only.

The attribute added must be present in the marker. Attribute added test was not present for the marker com.priyank.test.model_marker, hence the hasResolution from MarkerHelpRegistry was returning false :)

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