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the WallpaperManager scales the wallpaper too small on some devices. I used the following code.

    Bitmap srcBitmap = .....
    WallpaperManager wm = WallpaperManager
    int height = wm.getDesiredMinimumHeight();
    int width = wm.getDesiredMinimumWidth();
    wm.setBitmap(Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(srcBitmap, width , height , true);

On the galaxy note with android 4.0.4 the wallpaper fills the full screen. But on galaxy s2 with 2.3 the wallpaper fills only a small rectangle in the center of the screen.



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the problem was that wm.getDesiredMinimumHeight(); and wm.getDesiredMinimumWidth(); return -1 on some devices. So Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(srcBitmap, width , height , true); failed and the original size of srcBitmap was used.

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well this will fits the screen with your bitmap width and height

    WallpaperManager wallmanage = (WallpaperManager) getSystemService(WALLPAPER_SERVICE);
wallmanager.suggestDesiredDimensions(w, h);

where w = bitmap.getWidth();  
and   h = bitmap.getHeight();
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