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The following function works fine, but I would like it to sort the results first by parent_id, and then by order.

def getTree = for {
  (a, c) <- Activities leftJoin Clients on (_.id === _.id_a)
} yield (a.id, a.label, a.parent_id, a.order, c.id.?, a=c.name)

How do I do that using Slick?

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Like with ordinary collection ?

getTree.sortBy(r => r._3 ~ r._4)
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How intuitive the tuple syntax is...not. Too bad old orderBy(nameThatHasMeaning, otherMeaningfulName.desc) has been deprecated in favor of sortBy(x=> x._3 ~ x._4) syntax. Slick author had a reason for doing so, but end users suffer boilerplate and pointless counting out which tuple number as a result. –  virtualeyes Jan 17 '13 at 0:02
You could yield some case class instance, and getTree.sortBy(r => r.parent_id ~ r.order), but actual declaration of case class is a boilerplate. Maybe named Tuple-s, with constructor like ('name1 -> value1, 'name2 -> value2) and accessor like apply(name: Symbol) will be useful in core Scala? For example: yield (a.id, a.label, 'parent_id -> a.parent_id, 'order -> a.order, c.id.?, a=c.name), then getTree.sortBy(r => r('parent_id) ~ r('order)) –  idonnie Jan 17 '13 at 0:24

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