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I have trying to evaluate a value using sse simd instructions within a function.

    double integrate (double from, double to,double* counter)

    __m128d sum=_mm_setzero_pd();
    __m128d val=_mm_setzero_pd();
    __m128d width;
    __m128d fr=_mm_set1_pd(from);
    __m128d t=_mm_set1_pd(to);
    __m128d one=_mm_set1_pd(1.0);
    __m128d a,b,c,step;
    double result=0,i=0;


    step = _mm_loadu_pd(&counter[i]);
    a    = _mm_mul_pd(step,width);
    b    = _mm_add_pd(fr,a);
        val  = _mm_div_pd(one,b);   
    c    = _mm_mul_pd(val,width);
    sum  = _mm_mul_pd(sum,c);

    for(int i=0; i<1000; i++) {
        result += sum[i];

    return result;

It takes 3 parameters two of them are double,one of them is double pointer for passing an array to the funtion.The code i try to convert is this;

double integrate (double from, double to)
    double sum=0,val=0,width;
    int i;


    return sum;

The code evaluates a value but its not as i expected.As far as i can understand,my real problem is about this part;

step = _mm_loadu_pd(&counter[i]);

What i am trying to do is passing the numbers in array called counter(holds numbers from 0 to 999) into step vector 2 numbers everytime (e.g r0:0 r1:1,r0:2,r1:3) and evaluating the other stuff.What is the thing i am doing wrong ?

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May I ask you why on earth you are trying to do this given that compiler generates a nice SSE code for that? – user405725 Jan 16 '13 at 21:45
Because it is an assignment – Ali U. Jan 16 '13 at 22:48


step = _mm_loadu_pd(&counter[i]);


step = _mm_set1_pd(counter[i]);
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