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I am working with google places api. I want to view all reviews of a business in google place. But the documentation says that it only returns an array of five reviews.

Now, I want to know is there any way to get all reviews ? And does google places api return latest five or oldest five or random five reviews ?


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When I last used the the Places API (6 months ago) it would only return the 5 "most helpful" reviews. I can't find in the documentation and verbiage to suggest this was changed to the latest reviews.

Update: Currently users are requesting a change to the sorting order via the Google Places API feature requests, changing from "most helpful" to latest-

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Google places API always returns 5 latest reviews. There are no other way to fetch more than five reviews.

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There is currently no offering of the Places API that returns more than the top 5 reviews. If you would like to request this feature you can file a Places API - Feature Request.

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