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Is there any Util method to get the line contents by Line# from given file?

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The simplest approach is to read all the lines into a list and look up the line by number in this list. You can use

List<String> lines = FileUtils.readLines(file);

My file is 3GB and I don't want to store all the lines in my java memory

I would make sure you have plenty of memory. You can buy 32 GB for less than $200.

However, assuming this is not an option you can index the file by reading it once storing the offset of each line in another file. It could be a 32-bit offset, but it would simpler/more scalable if you used a 64-bit offset.

You can then lookup the offset of each line and the next one to determine where to read each line. I would expect this to take about 10 micro-seconds if implemented efficiently.

BTW: If you had it loaded in Java memory it would be about 100x faster.

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Thanks for the reply. My file is 3GB and I don't want to store all the lines in my java memory. I tried to use LineIterator from Apache commons-io but it does not have the Previous method so that won't help. –  Mahi G Jan 17 '13 at 17:38

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