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I am trying to use tapply() function to run models by several categories with not much sucess. My data has 20 clinics and I want to run the models BY each clinic.

Heres my model:

rq(logA~ dose+ chtcm + cage +raceth + sex,tau=.9)

My data as a variable clinic (with values 1-20). Does anybody know how to run this model BY clinic in R as in other statistical packages?

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A very general way of accomplishing this is shown in the following. The ddply function runs a supplied function (in this case lm) for each clinic. You can also run it on more complex cross-sections of your data. E.g. .(clinic,level) would run a separate model on each combination of clinic and level. The term lm(y~x)$coef[1] gets the intercept of the linear model. I think there is no easy way to save all the output of each model fit at once.

n <- 10
clinic <- factor(rep(1:3,each=n))
x <- rep(0:(n-1),3)
y <- rnorm(3*n)*x
d <- data.frame(clinic,x,y)

# plot data and linear fits
ggplot(d,aes(x,y)) + geom_point() + facet_wrap(~clinic) + stat_smooth(method='lm')

# run a separate model for each clinic
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You could use 'lappy' across the unique values of clinic, and the use subset to extract the section of your Dataset for that clinic. Then just fit the model to the subset.

This will return a list of models, which you can then further process.

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