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I have next code. Why field userId is invisible in InheritUser?

class User{
    private $userId;

function User($userId){
    $this->userId = $userId;

    function getId(){
        return $this->userId;

class InhreritUser extends User{
    function someFunc(){
            echo $this->userId; // nothing

someFunc returns nothing:

$inheritUser = new InheritUser(1);
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Because it's private. That's what private does. If you want visibility only in inheriting classes, mark is as protected – ilias Jan 16 '13 at 21:38
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That's the point of the private keyword. If you use protected this will work.

See: http://php.net/language.oop5.visibility

Also, that code would have thrown an error, if you didn't turn off errors in PHP (bad idea during development).

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It's private. Make it protected instead.

Private fields are accessible to the class only. Protected fields are available to subclasses too.

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A class member needs to be protected for it to be visible to a subclass. Private means that subclasses won't be able to see it.

protected $userId;
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