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I'm trying to be ambitious and add additional search boxes to flexigrid... I've delved into the flexigrid script and found where the search elements are added. I then added my own input field as below:

$(g.sDiv).append("<input type='text' value='' size='30' name='fromDate' id='datepicker' class='qsbox datepicker' />");

g.sDiv is a variable created as follows earlier in the script:

g.sDiv = document.createElement('div');

This I assume creates a div and I'm able to append items to it.

A couple of things though I can't work out. If I append the following element:

$(g.sDiv).append("<div id = 'customSearch'></div>");

(which does render correctly) and then try to append to that div using:

$('#customSearch').append("<input type='text' value='' size='30' name='fromDate' id='datepicker' class='qsbox datepicker' />");

The input box is not added to the page.

Why would this method not work?

Also, having created the input box I want to add the datepicker ui. How can I do this to a dynamically created item. I've tried adding this line of code after the element has supposedly been created:


but this doesn't work.

What am I missing with appending items and how can I then add datepicker to the final input once it's been appended.

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You have to first add g.sDiv to the document for the $('#customSearch') selector to find the element, otherwise the element is not yet part of the document and therefore cannot be found using document.getElementById().

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Thanks for that. I thought: document.createElement added the item to the page's certainly there and I can append items to g.sDiv without problem. I'm having problems appending items to items I have just appended (if that makes sense) eg once i've appended a div with id customSearch I am unable to append items to the div with the id customSearch. – Ray Jan 17 '13 at 9:08
Are you absolutely sure the id is unique? alert($("id=[customSearch]").length) – Kevin B Jan 17 '13 at 13:04
Again, the element MUST be part of the dom, for example, a descendant of the <html /> node. It can't be a detached element. – Kevin B Jan 17 '13 at 14:15

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