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I want to try and use Elasticsearch as a full text search engine for a website in Hebrew. I wanted to know if this Elasticsearch can produce good results for Hebrew and if there are any big websites in Israel that use it as their search engine.

If not ElasticSearch - maybe Apache Solr? By the way - I'm using Ruby, but can work with Java as well.


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Have a look at the ICU plugin for Elasticsearch.


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Solr seems to support Hebrew, see links to Language Analysers below:

Although I am not certain what the options for ElasticSearch are.

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Solr uses the ICU project, exactly as the ICU plugin for elasticsearch does. – javanna Jan 18 '13 at 10:40

Look at hebmorph - http://www.code972.com/blog/hebmorph/ It's a lucene plugin and we've been working with it in http://alpha.gov.il and http://www.guidestar.org.il/

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