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In my test I have a step where I fill out a field and press enter. This field then returns a result set on the next page.

Here is my helper method:

def search(term)
  fill_in('query-text', :with => term)

After that I have a step that simply says:

page.should have_content(tutor)

However, the issue is that even though the page after my page loads with the results, the step after it passes even if it should be false. I have set a debugger in the step and when I manually check it, the assertion fails as I expect it too. My assumption is that the the next step is checking before the page even reloads. I placed a sleep at the end of my search method to make it look like:

def search(term)
  fill_in('query-text', :with => term)
  sleep 5

But I feel like using sleep is a hacky way to resolve this issue. I am using Capybara 2 so the use of wait_until is removed. Is there a better way to handle this issue rather than relying on sleep?

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This test passes as tutor is already present on the page.

So you should check not for tutor but for something else, e.g. for element with text tutor that is present only after page reload.

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yes, you're right wait_until is removed, new method is #synchronize, but I don't know for now how to use it:)

look into



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The first link clearly states that synchronize has a very different usecase than wait_until. – asymmetric Apr 2 '15 at 9:32

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