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I have an MVC 4 website hosted in azure that needs to upload a video and on a different page allow that uploaded video to be streamed back to a client player.

The first option allows the user to upload and encode the video (.mp4) The second option is I manually upload and encode the video and provide the url to the user.

In either case, the video would be presented to the users on another page.

Im having a devil of a time trying to get this to work. Any suggestions/working samples?

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I've written a previous answer on how to serve video's from Azure.

You'll want to use Azure Blob Storage to store the files. This will scale very well, let you take advantage of the Azure CDN for faster delivery, and the outgoing traffic won't count against your website instances.

You can then use any HTML5 or flash player you want. One important thing, make sure when saving the file, you set the Content Type. You can also change the Azure Service Version to support video seek.

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