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ratio = kills/deaths

Obviously, if you have 0 deaths, you cannot have a ratio based on this formula. How is this problem usually handled by game developers? Should the ratio be undefined, 0, or should I substitute 1 for deaths if deaths == 0? My concern is that a player with 100 kills and 0 deaths should be ranked higher than a player with 50 kills and 1 death when sorting by kill:death ratio, but using the first two methods they wouldn't be ranked at all.

On the other hand, substituting 1 would mean that it would no longer technically fit the definition of a ratio. I'm not concerned with this too much, I just want to use the most fair and intuitive approach possible.

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Can you just have a check that states if deaths = 0 then ratio = kills. ? – Brandon Jan 16 '13 at 22:33
This should probably be moved to gamedev.stackexchange.com since it isn't a programming question. – Nick Hartung Jan 16 '13 at 22:33
@Brandon That is my third suggested solution, though my question is whether it is acceptable to do so. – DC_ Jan 16 '13 at 22:35
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It depends on how you are using it. Are you displaying it to the user? Is it used in rankings? I believe generally that 1 is substituted, such that 20:1 and 20:0 would be ranked equally.

You are best off choosing a method that works for your application. As long as you have a consistent way of treating those situations, I'm not sure any one method is more "correct" than another. If you want, you can even handle the 20:1 and 20:0 in a special case.

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This makes the most sense to me, and I believe it's how most games do it. Thanks. – DC_ Jan 16 '13 at 22:43

For ranking, I'd increase the number of deaths generally (for all players) by one, that would ensure a fair rating. If you want to display it to the user, that extra death needs to be substracted again. Basically, you assume that in the next encounter they will die and rate the k/d that way.

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I would think that for ranking purposes, kills/lives makes more sense than kills/deaths. Generally lives == deaths+1 (since when you first start, that is your first life, and if you continue after death, that is a new life), so you can calculate this as kills/(deaths+1)

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Forget about mathematics.

If you have 50 kills and zero deaths, what do you feel a 'kills to deaths' ratio should be? How many times have you killed someone per time you were killed? Does that question make sense if you have not been killed? I think it plain doesn't. Your options would then be to either not display this statistic if you have zero deaths, or display something funny, or substitute for 1 and indicate in some way that the player has not died yet. Or you can bring back mathematics and display an infinity symbol.

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