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Can I please have some help to format the string on the Y Axis that has a '%' sign.

Here is the code for a '$':

tickOptions: {formatString: '$%d'}

How do I format the string to use a '%' sign as the '%' sign is used as a 'keyword'?

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Try something like this:

tickFormatter = function (format, val) { 
return val+"%";

And add this option to the plot:

axes: {
 yaxis: {
 tickOptions: {
  formatter: tickFormatter


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To write a '%' sign you have to double it :

               {formatString: '%%%d'}

%%%d will write '%10' if your value is 10. Similarly, %d%% will write '10%' if again your value is 10. So you just have to replace the '$' sign by '%%'.


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