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I am working on a PowerPivot report that has the following tables/relationships:


  • Client
  • Issue
  • DateID


  • DateID
  • Year
  • Quarter
  • Month

I wish to create a calculated measure that is COUNT(Issue)/DISTINCT(Client) by Year and Quarter and that is filtered to exclude clients who only had 1 issue per quarter from the calculation.

The first part of this is straightforward enough by creating two calculated measures: [Distinct Client] = COUNTROWS(DISTINCT('FactTable'[Client])) [Issues per Client] = 'FactTable'[Count of Issue]/'FactTable'[Distinct Client]

Pivot: Row Labels = Year, Quarter Values = [Issues per Client]

I'm just learning DAX so I'm not sure how to put go about this. It seems that CALCULATE() or CALCULATETABLE() are my best bets, but I don't know how to use it to filter on [Issues per Client per Quarter]. Any help would be appreciated!

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One way I found to do this is to add Client as a Row Label and [Count of Issues] to Values then create a value filter for Client where [Count of Issues] is greater than 1.

Final output looks something like this with Quarter collapsed:

Year | Quarter | Client --- Count of Issue | Cases Per Client

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