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I want to capture distances from sensors, using an Arduino and a Windows Phone device. How can I do that?

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The Windows Phone 7 SDK does not give access to the USB port or Bluetooth on the phone, so you can't use that. So I think the best way (and probably only way on Windows Phone 7) would be to communcate over Internet or local network with the Arduino acting as a server which the Windows Phone 7 app connects too.

Here are some examples of an Arduino web server and TCP server.

For the Windows Phone client I would check out either WebClient or sockets.

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This will work, i wrote a RC car control app for my WinPhone7 a while back... BUT TCP isnt as real time as you would want it, so go about and build a remote controlled tanks or something. I modded a RC race car – Jason94 Jan 19 '13 at 9:54
Hello, Do I could to use a ethernet shield with an arduino or xbee board? thanks!!! – Erick Calderin Morales Feb 4 '13 at 4:51

Windows Phone 8 SDK:

Consider establishing an App to Device communication through Bluetooth API which became available for developers in the release. Bluetooth App to Device application sample, available on MSDN, is the way to go.

There is another option in Windows Phone 8, using Proximity (a set of classes which works with NFC), which is more applicable for a short range communication.

As for Arduino, there is certainly a Bluetooth module.

Windows Phone 7 SDK:

No way to establish a peer-to-peer communication with a third party device. A workaround would be to connect them through a network, as was proposed by Johan.

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I have actually made a Windows Phone 8 App that connects to an Arduino using the Sparkfun Bluetooth Silver Modem. Issues is, even after I get them connected, I can't get either the Arduino to receive the input OR I can't get the WP8 App to successfully send to the Arduino...

My GitHub for the project is:

Hoping everyone can try and help on the project.

My Breadboard photos will be up soon and my Arduino Code.

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