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I have a custom View extending Ember.view with a template binded to a model:

template: Ember.Handlebars.compile('<div >{{view.content.label}}</div>')

I would like to use a callback or event when the view has been updated (and not when the model has been changed).
This callback (pre-rendered event by example) could use the width of this view and make some actions based on this new size.

Is there a solution with Ember framework ?

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The didInsertElement event might be what you are looking for:

"Called when the element of the view has been inserted into the DOM. Override this function to do any set up that requires an element in the document."


There is also willInsertElement.

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Your proposal is not working because in my case the Dom node has been already inserted and only the div content is modified... I need to be triggered when the div content is modified ({{view.content.label}}) –  fvisticot Jan 17 '13 at 8:04

similar to didInsertElement there is the willClearRender event too which is fired just before the view gets rerendered.


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