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I have a method in my controller which creates a association record:

def updating_rating
      rr = =>, :recommendation_id =>!

My routes are set up as:

match "/recommendations/updating_rating" => "recommendation#updating_rating", :as => 'update'

And in my view I have:

<%= form_tag(update_url, :method => :post) do  %>
<%= radio_button_tag(:rating_id, '1', :recommendation_id => %>
<%= radio_button_tag(:rating_id, '2', :recommendation_id => %>
<%= radio_button_tag(:rating_id, '3', :recommendation_id => %>
<% end %>

This only passes the rating_id as a value. How can I pass both the rating_id + the recommendation_id to my controller method.

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You can add a hidden field:

<%= hidden_field_tag :recommendation_id => %>

and then fetch the :recommendation_id in your controller with something like:

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