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The guvcview command is automatically incrementing the output filename.

Here is the command I am using:

 guvcview -d /dev/video1 --no_display -r 1 -f yuyv -s 2592x1944 -i capture.jpeg -c 2 --exit_on_close

The output file names are:





How can I make this not increment? I want a static filename (capture.jpeg) that is overwritten each time. I can do this from the GUI by clicking the "capture" button, but I need to be able to do this from the terminal.

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There should be a file named .guvcviewrc in your home directory. In it there's a line image_inc=1. Changing it to image_inc=0 solved the problem for me.

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The configuration file is saved in ~/.config/guvcview/video0 with Ubuntu 14.04 (and the webcam is mapped to video0). –  A.L Aug 7 '14 at 1:27

I am pretty sure there is no way to accomplish this without outside help from a bash script or something akin to that.

My solution is to edit the timers.c file in the guvcview source.

I removed line 109: "global->image_inc = global->image_picn;"

Removal of this line prevents guvcview from auto-incrementing the filename when set on a timer.

I then recompiled guvcview, and now it is working perfectly!

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