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How does Stack Overflow auto save drafts of this form? I presume AJAX. Is there a rails way or gem to use this functionality?

Also, is it actually a separate drafts model or is the form auto created and then from there on out the edit action is being used?

I know I'm asking specifically about Stack Overflow's usage, but, generally speaking.

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You can use Sisyphus.js or Garlic.js. While StackOverflow uses AJAX, they use HTML5 localStorage to save form data locally.

Rails gems: garlicjs-rails, sisyphus-rails.

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Just what I was looking for. For anyone else who finds this: Sisyphus is older and more mature, Garlic is newer and seems to be getting more recent attention...both do basically the same thing. – hellion Jan 17 '13 at 21:57

First you should get the text that you want to save in database using jquery like this:

var text=$("#textToBeSaved").val();

then you should make your code to call the server page that would save the text in the database like this:

    var text=$("#textToBeSaved").val();
        alert("The Data is Saved");

and in the page that named pageThatWillSaveToDB.php you should do this code:

// connectToDatabase();
mysql_query("insert into SomeTable values(null,'{$text}')");
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How do you save the id to be edited? session? what if there are multiple tabs @khalidtaha? – Leah Jul 17 '14 at 22:34

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