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I am trying to develop a DLL that can be instantiated and then keep its data between calls. It has been many years since i did this, so i am running into lots of problems. First, i declare the DLL like this:

namespace LibTest {
class TestClass
    static void __declspec(dllexport) initialize();
    static void __declspec(dllexport) add(double v);
    static double __declspec(dllexport) report();
    static double DV;


and the DLL code looks like:

namespace LibTest {
 void TestClass::initialize()
    DV = 0;
 void TestClass::add(double v)
    DV = DV+v;
 double TestClass::report()
    return DV;


When i tried to compile it with Visual Studio, it reports an "unresolved external".
Couple of questions here a. Did i have the declaration right for what i need to do? (keeping the variables between calls) b. how to resolve the external references

As i mentioned, it has been many years since i do any programming, so any help will be much appreciated.



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1 Answer

You forgot to declare member variable:

    double TestClass::DV;

EDIT: This should be within namespace LibTest, of course

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