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I have a simple c program that forks a process and then runs then runs an executable. Now I want to attach the child process to gdb. Then I run the program in console and open another console to find the pid of the child process. I then start gdb with the following command:

gdb attach 12271

12271 i the child process id. The attach fails it says:

No such file or directory.

Any idea why?

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i don't think attach is a command line argument. you can use it once gdb is already running. this guy has a good tutorial: dirac.org/linux/gdb/06-Debugging_A_Running_Process.php –  thang Jan 17 '13 at 1:51

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Any idea why?

Because you didn't read the manual. Try one of these:

gdb -p 12271
gdb /path/to/exe 12271

gdb /path/to/exe
(gdb) attach 12271
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The first argument should be the path to the executable program. So

gdb progname 12271
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