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I am working on a scientific calculator in C#. I have the parsing engine and such, now I would like to add a graph so the user can plot a line. Is there any kind of control that will let me input a function and it will graph a line in the chart? I'm not talking about plotting individual points by the way.

Take this linear equation in slope-intercept form for instance:

f(x) = 2x + 7

The main goal is to allow the user to write 2x + 7 in a textbox, and then it will graph the line. It would be preferable if custom functions could be used other than just linear functions, such as:

((x - 8) * 4^2)/(7.136 + x)

But it's not a requirement. Is there a third-party control for this? If not could someone give me general help on how I would create such a control?

I have downloaded a program that graphs functions like this:

Desktop Graphing Calculator

Can anyone help me on how I can achieve this functionality in my Visual C# 2010 WinForms application?

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You can [crudely] render such a graph yourself in native WinForms by handling the "Paint" event. Just step over each x (say, by increments of 0.01 for the above) to get the y (assume the function is defined as float f(float x) and the formula is hard-coded) - then draw a line between the (x, f(x)) and (prev_x, f(prev_x)). Of course, it is better just to use an existing graphing control (it doesn't need to be commercial) - in any case, please search [first] for such existing solutions: google and codeplex are two good starting-points. – user166390 Jan 17 '13 at 2:12
@pst I did search first, but I only got things such as business charts, nothing for graphing mathematical formulas. – Brandon Miller Jan 17 '13 at 2:17
This is the first one that popped up on google in my quick look: – Tebc Jan 17 '13 at 2:19
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I searched for mathematical function plot library for windows and found this:

  • FPlot a ".NET library for plotting functions and measurement data" (a project on CodeProject)

and you can try to use the source code of:

You'll have to check the licenses. I didn't try any of these, by the way.

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