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I'm trying to develop a system service, so I use the echo service as a test. I developed the service by following the directions on the CF doc. Now the echo node can be running, but the echo gateway failed with the error "echo_gateway - pid=15040 tid=9321 fid=290e ERROR -- Exiting due to NATS error: Could not connect to server on nats://localhost:4222/"

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I got into this issue and struck for almost a week finally someone helped me to resolve it. The underlying problemn is something else and since errors are not trapped properly it gives a wrong message. You need to goto github and get the latest code base. The fix for this issue is http://reviews.cloudfoundry.org/#/c/8891 . Once you fix this issue, you will most likely encounter a timeout field issue. the solution for that is to define the timeout field gateway.yml

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Hi KR, can you tell me what should I do to fix the proplem more specifically? Thanks. –  Spencer Sun Jan 17 '13 at 6:32

A few additional properties became required in the echo_gateway.yml.erb file - specifically, the latest were default_plan and timeout, under the service group. The properties have been added to the appropriate file in the vcap-services-sample-release repo.

Looks like the fix for the misleading error has been merged into github. I haven't updated and verified this myself just yet but the gerrit comments indicate the solution is the same as what the node base has had for some time. I did previously run into that error handling and it was far more helpful.

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