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Git's clean and smudge filters can be used to store a different representation in the repository than is in the working tree. To apply a clean filter retroactively, I can run

git filter-branch --tree-filter /the/script.sh -- --all

where the script touches those files that need to be re-cleaned. Unfortunately, this is rather slow because it is updating the entire working tree for each commit. Is there a way to re-apply the clean filter within an --index-filter?

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Yes: in your index filter, do git checkout -- path/to/file, have your way with it, and git add it again

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To re-clean efficiently without touching the file system, I filtered the output of git ls-files -s to match those files I was want to re-clean, then

git cat-file blob BLOB_TO_RECLEAN | my-clean-filter | git hash-object -w

to create a new object for the cleaned representation. I feed all of these new objects (reformatted to match the output of git ls-files -s) to git update-index --index-info. My filter makes the additional optimization of caching the translation from old blobs to new (cleaned) blobs so that any given blob is only cleaned once. See git fat index-filter for the complete implementation.

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