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tsvector field in my Postgres database is not being populated with Arabic text on my Mac OS X (10.8.2). It's perfectly working with English text.

I asked over IRC and I was told perhaps the platform I'm using doesn't have isw*() ctype functions that work with those encoding and ctype settings.

So I tried on a Debian 6 (32-bit) and the tsvector field was populated normally.

What can I do to bring this functionality to OS X?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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The functions iswalnum() etc are available on Mac OS X (10.7.5 officially, but I'd be more than astonished to find them missing on 10.8.2). So the reason given on IRC doesn't make a lot of sense. There might be issues with locale; does the code use setlocale() or use the _l-suffix functions (plus getlocale())? There might be a problem with whether the functions support the locale you're using; which locale is it? What are the environment variables $LC_ALL or $LC_CTYPE set to? –  Jonathan Leffler Jan 17 '13 at 4:18

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The Unix-style locale support on OS X is pretty broken. Even if you set a UTF-8 locale, it's not going to do anything useful with that. So OS X is probably not going to be a good platform for running your application.

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