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In the following example, using the new Router v2 API, the ember application behaves as expected with one exception. When hovering over the dynamically created links, using a registered #linkTo Handlebars the url shows undefined.

How do I have a slug field in the URL?

Here is the model

App.Todo = DS.Model.extend({
  slug: DS.attr('string'),
  date: DS.attr('date'),
  updated: DS.attr('date'),
  task: DS.attr('string'),
  description: DS.attr('string')

My Router

  this.route('index', {path: '/'});
  this.resource('todos', {path: '/todos'}, function(){
    this.resource('create', {path: '/create'});
    this.resource('todo', {path: '/:slug'}, function(){
      this.resource('edit', {path: 'edit'});

I know that this does show 'undefined', but this would be a nice (Handlebars)

{{#each todo in tasks}}
  <div class="user">
    {{#linkTo todo todo.slug}}<h4><i class="icon-list"></i>{{todo.task}}</h4>{{/linkTo}}

Thanks for any pointers! I'm using Ember-data also

Here is a example fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/R2SPs/6/

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This works for ember routing v2.1 (01.16.13)

Thanks to rakl on #emberjs on IRC here is a mixin that solves the problem

   App.SlugRouter = Ember.Mixin.create({
        serialize: function(model, params) {
            var name, object;
            object = {};
            name = params[0];
            object[name] = model.get('slug');
            return object;

Now just place that in your Router and your golden

App.TodoRoute = Ember.Route.extend(App.SlugRouter,{
    //insert your code
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Next to explaining how to fix it, it would be nice to know why this fixes it. –  albertjan Jan 18 '13 at 9:11
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The path of the route is "todo.index" with the resource definition:

this.resource('todo', {path: '/:slug'}, ...

So create Route and Controller for it.

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That does not answer the question I'm having -> this fiddle should act as proof. jsfiddle.net/R2SPs/8 –  iamjstates Jan 17 '13 at 17:23
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