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I am a MonoTouch developer, i am writting a project for sending RabbitMQ message to a server, i have a .NET Project ( Using VS 2010) to Call RabbitMQ .NET Client DLL File to send RabbitMQ message is correct, but When i reference this .NET Client DLL File(RabbitMQ.Client.dll) to MonoTouch iOS Project, and call sending message method, it throws this error message:

could not load type 'System.configuration.ConfigurationSettings' from assembly 'RabbitMQ.Client'


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You can't reference (binary) desktop assemblies in MonoTouch, you have to rebuild the dll using the MonoTouch BCL.

Just create a new MonoTouch Class Library solution, copy/link to your RabbitMQ source files and then you can use this dll/project instead.

There is some more information here.

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