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I want to plot a number of graph using this for loop. however, I can only get one output (foo0001).

for (i in 1:5) {
 plot(runif(20), ylim = c(0, 1))

please help!

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bitmap writes each page (plot) to consecutive files according to the format string chosen. Calling bitmap creates a new graphics device, resetting the page number. So, by plotting one plot per bitmap call, you are always writing to foo0001.jpg.

Instead, call bitmap just once:

for (i in 1:5) {
     plot(runif(20), ylim = c(0, 1))
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wow, it works! This is my first time to ask question here. I'm so happy to get reply so quick. Thank you sooo much! – Cathy Jan 17 '13 at 4:49

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