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In my webpage i have done the payment process of paypal. I have now able to do the payment process. But now my question is how can i redirect to the action method after the verification is success. Any help is appreciated.

Regards, Avinash

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You can set auto return true in your paypal account see link for more description

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Yah i have set that. My doubt is will it return to the same action method that has used initially. i have already tried that but it is not returning to the action result – Avinash Jan 17 '13 at 4:42

What I think is after making the payment and confirmation you should redirect to the page you want to go with data you enters or you can use ajax to go to action method.

If you are using "Buy Now" button or "express checkout API" than you can define the return url in "Paypal account" for "Buy now" button and define the return url for "express checkout API"

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