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I have a requirement to execute some SQL commands at the start of every database session. I am using Entity Framework 5 via DbContext talking to a Oracle 11g database.

I would like to execute:


at the start of an session creation to get case insensitive searching.
How best could I go about this?

I've put the commands in the constructor of dbContext, but have only simple unit test and it does appear to work. But unsure if this is right thing to do

public partial class Entities : DbContext
    public Entities()
        : base("name=Entities")
        this.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("ALTER SESSION SET NLS_COMP=ANSI");
        this.Database.ExecuteSqlCommand("ALTER SESSION SET NLS_SORT=BINARY_CI");
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The other option would be a "LOGON TRIGGER ON SCHEMA". But it's questionable whether you force DBA's to create it. Logon triggers are considered to be "dangerous".

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Thanks for an alternative, unfortunately it won't pass the DB policies we have. –  Jafin Jan 17 '13 at 23:51

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