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I have two websites urls which are running in IIS 6, pointed to the same web.config file.

(IIS 6 dont have IIS 7 URL rewriting available) so they use 3rdparty tool to do the url rewriting,


so what i want to do is

if someone type the following in the browser (website 1)

y.xxx.com/something ->

they need to be redirected to


but if they type the second domain (website 2 still using the same web.config file, same folder)


they need to stay where they are.

I try to did this but didnt work

<add name="just-a-name-which-one"  
   ignoreCase="true" rewriteUrlParameter="IncludeQueryStringForRewrite"

how can achieve this functionality ? using IIS-6 ..

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In the virtualUrl, can you use a negative lookahead assertion to filter on the domain name? For example: (?!xxx\.com) Also, I noticed that you mentioned a 3-part domain (y.xxx.com), but the virtualUrl only has a 2-part name (xxx.com) –  udog Mar 20 '13 at 20:03

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