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How does one find the coordinates halfway on the X and Y axis in a user control or form?

How can I identify the range of the X-axis and the Range of the Y axis on a user control or form?

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You are probably looking for the ClientRectangle property.

To find the range: do you mean the range on screen? if so, use the RectangleToScreen function.

To find the middle point, you can use

Rectangle r = this.ClientRectangle;
Point p = new Point(
  (int)((r.X + r.Width) / 2),
  (int)((r.Y + r.Height) / 2));
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Could this be used to find the range of the X-Y Axis or halfway point on either? –  stormist Sep 17 '09 at 7:46
It's not very clear what you mean by 'axis', maybe you should clarify that a little. –  Paolo Tedesco Sep 17 '09 at 7:55

What does axis mean in your context?

Given the Height and Width properties, you should be able to work out the halfway position (remembering that Y is positive downwards!)

If, however, you are implementing axes in your own units, you will want to create some helper functions to convert from your units to pixels (and back, potentially)

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