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I have the following page using p:tabview, has 3 tabs.


    <h:form id="headerForm" prependId="false">
        <p:tabView id="tabView" dynamic="true" cache="true">
            <p:tab id="applicationUserManagementTab"
                title="Application User Mgmt">
                <ui:include src="AppUserManagement.xhtml" />
            <p:tab id="userManagementTab" title="User Management">
                //Other code here
            <p:tab id="userGroupManagementTab" title="User Group Mgmt">
<p:dialog id="addNewUserDialog" widgetVar="addNewUserDialog" header="${msgs.AppUserMgmt_AppUsers_NewUser_Dialog_Header} ${AppUserManagementBean.applicationName}, ${AppUserManagementBean.groupName}" resizable="false"  
          width="800" showEffect="clip" hideEffect="fold" modal="true">              
    <h:form id="addNewUserform">
        <ui:include src="UMNewUserDialog.xhtml" />

The applicationUserManagementTab tab has 2 p:selectOneMenu on selection of both I'm displaying some data in a p:dataTable. added a button New User to the footer of the datatable. On click of the button a dialog opens and I want to accept some values and save the values.

However, if no value is selected in any one of the p:selectOneMenu is selected, and then if user clicks on New User button I dont want to show the dialog, instead whould like to show error message using p:growl.

Code for applicationUserManagementTab tab AppUserManagement.xhtml

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ui:composition xmlns:h="http://java.sun.com/jsf/html"

                            <p:panelGrid id="filterUsers" style="width:100%;">
                                    <p:growl autoUpdate="true" showDetail="true" id="errorsAppUsrMgmt"/>

                                            <p:column style="left: 40%;">                                
                                                    <p:selectOneMenu required="true" value="#{AppUserManagementBean.applicationName}" styleClass="localeSelectClass" id="applicationName">
                                                                                                                            <f:selectItems value="#{AppUserManagementBean.systemDetails}" />
                                                            <p:ajax update="groupName,userList" listener="#{AppUserManagementBean.loadGroupDetails}" />
                                            <p:column style="left: 40%;">                    
                                                    <p:selectOneMenu required="true" value="#{AppUserManagementBean.groupName}" styleClass="localeSelectClass" id="groupName">
                                                                                                                            <f:selectItems value="#{AppUserManagementBean.groupDetails}" />
                                                            <p:ajax update="userList" listener="#{AppUserManagementBean.loadUserDetails}"/>        
                                            <p:dataTable id="userList" var="user" value="#{AppUserManagementBean.lstUsrDetails}" 

                                                        // I have 6 columns displaying the data here

                                                    <f:facet name="footer">  
                                                        <p:commandButton actionListener="#{AppUserManagementBean.validateRequest}" id="addUserButton" value="#{msgs.AppUserMgmt_AppUsers_NewUser_ButtonLabel}" icon="ui-icon-circle-plus" oncomplete="if(args.inValidReq) addNewUserDialog.hide(); else addNewUserDialog.show();"/>

ActionListener method that will be invoked on click of the New User button

public void validateRequest(){
    if ((applicationName != null && applicationName.equalsIgnoreCase("-1")) || (groupName != null && groupName.equalsIgnoreCase("-1"))) {
        FacesMessage message = addMessage("AddNewDialogError", "AppUserMgmt_AppNameOrGrpName_NotSelected", null);
        RequestContext reqCtx = RequestContext.getCurrentInstance();
        reqCtx.addCallbackParam("inValidReq", "true");


What is working

When I click New User button and no value is selected in both of the p:selectOneMenu components the FacesMessages are added to FacesContext but the growl is not shown immediately. Only when I switch the tabs and come back the growl is shown.

What I want to achieve

The growl should be shown right away after the ajax call has finished (without the need to switch the tabs).

Am I doing something wrong?

I am using myfaces 2.0.7, primefaces 3.4, WebSphere Application Server

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Two improvements suggestions: Strip down your code to the smallest possible example. This improves your chance to get an answer as no one needs to go through all of your code. The second: Rephrase you last passage where you describe what you achieved so far. I was not able to understand it (maybe it's just me but I doubt it). –  Jens Jan 17 '13 at 8:59
@Jens, Edited the question. I hope the question is clear now. –  Satya Yeditha Jan 17 '13 at 9:24
Sorry, I can't really help with that. I voted to delete my answer because I just realized you already had the update mechanism included so my answer is actually useless. –  Jens Jan 17 '13 at 14:07
That's fine.. Thanks For spending time on this. –  Satya Yeditha Jan 17 '13 at 14:44
Any one has idea about why it can happen? –  Satya Yeditha Jan 18 '13 at 4:14

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