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I am very new to Flyway, so please pardon me if my questions are naive.

I have installed Flyway on my system and configured it to my database.

Now I have a dump file of my database. So I suppose importing them would become my version_1.sql. And now I have two people working on two different procedures, lets say Proc1 and Proc2.

  1. First of all I need to know how should the initial version_1 sql file name should be.(Am I right naming it version_1.sql)
  2. Then what is the naming convension that the other two, who are creating new procedure, should use.(should it be version_1_1 and version_1_2 etc..)
  3. Where should the sql files be stored?
  4. Now if both the procs are to be implemented what should done?
  5. Or if I feel only verion_1_2 should be implemented what should be done?

And please throw some light on placeholder in the configuration file.


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All your questions are answered in the docs: http://flywaydb.org/documentation/migration/sql.html

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