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I made a database through sqlite in c++.

The db has been created in memory (using the ":memory:" parameter insted of a filename), in order to have a very quick behavior.

The database is created by the following lines:

sqlite3* mem_database;
if((SQLITE_OK == sqlite3_open(":memory:", &mem_database)){
    // The db has been correctly created and
    // I can do some stuff with it.

My problem is: how can I write the in-memory database to disk? (through c/c++ of course).

I read something about the ATTACH and DETACH sqlite commands, but I can get them working only with the sqlite interactive shell (not from c/c++ code).


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Check out this example: Loading and Saving In-Memory Databases

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Great! This worked perfectly :D – Giancarlo Sep 17 '09 at 9:07
I am looking for C# documentation for the same purpose. please share if you know. – Mubashar Ahmad Jan 18 '11 at 5:45
@Mubashar: I'm not familiar with C#. I believe it's easy to convert the example in C#. The sqlite3_backup_X functions do the job. – Nick Dandoulakis Jan 18 '11 at 17:37

Use transaction statement before doing anything to the table. This ensures fast handling and rollbacks as well. This way, you don't need to implement the database in memory directly.

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