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I seem to recall a professor in a programming class mentioning a very brief sidebar on this topic, but I can't find anything anywhere online. If I have a program that's set up with console scanners (and no file reading), is there some kind of command line operator or something that will feed a text file into the program as console input? I feel like it was mentioned in the context of testing, but I'm coming up with nothing.

Essentially, I'm looking forward to the Java equivalent of c++'s "program < file.txt" in order to write up a bunch of test cases that can be used to quickly test a program that isn't otherwise set up to read files.

Thanks a lot for any help...

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You do exactly the same as with C++: java MyClass < file.txt. That's because that input redirection is done by your shell/OS and not by "C++" or "Java". It's on a lower level. –  Joachim Sauer Jan 17 '13 at 7:28
Great. Thanks so much. I wasn't able to find that anywhere...most searches led to normal file reading/writing issues. –  Joey O'Donnell Jan 17 '13 at 15:06
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