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Get the below error on doing vmc push

Errno::EINVAL: Invalid argument - C:/DOCUME~1/lihengxu/LOCALS~1/Temp/.vmc_blog_files/E:
C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:243:in `mkdir'
C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:243:in `fu_mkdir'
C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:217:in `mkdir_p'
C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:215:in `reverse_each'
C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:215:in `mkdir_p'
C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:201:in `each'
C:/Ruby187/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:201:in `mkdir_p'
cfoundry-0.4.19/lib/cfoundry/zip.rb:27:in `unpack'
rubyzip-0.9.9/lib/zip/zip_entry_set.rb:35:in `each'
rubyzip-0.9.9/lib/zip/zip_entry_set.rb:35:in `each'
rubyzip-0.9.9/lib/zip/zip_central_directory.rb:109:in `each'
rubyzip-0.9.9/lib/zip/zip_file.rb:132:in `foreach'
rubyzip-0.9.9/lib/zip/zip_file.rb:90:in `open'
rubyzip-0.9.9/lib/zip/zip_file.rb:131:in `foreach'
cfoundry-0.4.19/lib/cfoundry/zip.rb:24:in `unpack'
cfoundry-0.4.19/lib/cfoundry/upload_helpers.rb:58:in `prepare_package'
cfoundry-0.4.19/lib/cfoundry/upload_helpers.rb:42:in `upload'
vmc-0.4.7/lib/vmc/cli/app/push.rb:119:in `upload_app'
interact-0.5.1/lib/interact/progress.rb:98:in `with_progress'
vmc-0.4.7/lib/vmc/cli/app/push.rb:118:in `upload_app'
vmc-0.4.7/lib/vmc/cli/app/push.rb:100:in `setup_new_app'
vmc-0.4.7/lib/vmc/cli/app/push.rb:82:in `push'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/base.rb:61:in `send'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/base.rb:61:in `run'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/command.rb:68:in `invoke'
manifests-vmc-plugin-0.4.19/lib/manifests-vmc-plugin/plugin.rb:113:in `call'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/callbacks.rb:74:in `with_filters'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/command.rb:78:in `instance_exec'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/command.rb:78:in `invoke'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/command.rb:82:in `instance_exec'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/command.rb:82:in `invoke'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership/base.rb:50:in `execute'
vmc-0.4.7/lib/vmc/cli.rb:106:in `execute'
mothership-0.3.5/lib/mothership.rb:45:in `start'
C:/Ruby187/bin/vmc:23:in `load'
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Please try uninstalling all versions of vmc and reinstalling. – eightyoctane Feb 4 '13 at 22:14
It didn't work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Henry Feb 21 '13 at 7:26

Do other vmc commands work?

Are you able to try running this on Ruby 1.9?

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i was running this on Ruby 1.9.3 and 1.8.7 .vmc version test 0.3.x to 0.4.7. all version test failed. – Henry Jan 18 '13 at 0:59

Please try

gem install vmc --pre 
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failed again!!! – Henry Feb 21 '13 at 7:29
Henry, Can you tell us what type of application are you deploying to Cloud Foundry? Is it a Ruby app, Java app, or node app? Also can you give us the vmc version a long with cfoundry version which you have installed and are using. vmc -v will give you the vmc version and gem list cfoundry should give you the version for cfoundry. – Ali Moghadam Feb 27 '13 at 20:09
Can you use the vmc push command without any flags and see if it works or not... – Ali Moghadam Mar 11 '13 at 22:29
Java app. vmc all version I had tried. – Henry Mar 14 '13 at 8:46

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