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I have .jsff page that contain command button and inline frame.What I want to do is, i want to make command button remain static at the same place and only inline frame can move when scroll the page.

Currently what i do is: i set some panel stretch layout(StyleClass:AFStetchWidth).I put gthe command button at the top. Inline frame in scroll panel group at the center.

Here is my structure:

> Panel Stretch Layout facets

          af:inlineFrame     (StyleClass:AFStretchWidth)

when I run this page: command button remain static at the top.This is correct .But the size of the inline frame is small.Is there a way to make an inline frame to be stetch?

Can anyone help me? I need this urgently.

Thanks in advance.

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2 Answers 2

set the (StyleClass:AFStretchWidth) on the af:panelGroupLayout-scroll.

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HI...Thanks for the reply..width for the inline frame is stretch but what about the height?If can, I dont want to set the height(in px)because if user screen is small,they can see the browser scroll bar.If like that command button will be not static anymore.I want to set the height that always fit to user screen. – Reena Sham Jan 18 '13 at 5:04

Did you try putting this attribute :


I have used it and it works pretty well inside panel stretch layout.

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