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While Python's standard library has a module for curses, that seems to require a lot of fairly low-level handling.

Is there a simpler way to get started with writing a basic curses UI which includes standard elements like checkboxes, input fields etc.?

I've found urwid, but not sure whether that's the state of the art.

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pycdk is a Python interface to the CDK ncurses widget library, which is pretty high-level. Might do what you want.

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That looks useful - will start playing with it, thanks! –  AnC Sep 17 '09 at 9:10

Also check out Urwid:


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Maybe he already did. –  Dennis Williamson Dec 22 '09 at 9:26
Off-topic, but useful and somewhat related: pudb is a very handy python debugger written with Urwid –  Denilson Sá Oct 5 '11 at 6:32
Urwid FTW if you need something that provides curses-like capability but in pure Python. Urwid can render to curses, but defaults to raw console escape codes. Pretty awesome :-) –  Alan Donnelly May 3 '13 at 15:32

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