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I looked all over the web for this "simple" question with no answer!
ho to embed a select input field into a dgrid?
suppose we have this column:

                    label: "name", 
                    field: "f_name", 
                    className: 'style4' 
            }, "text", "dblclick") 
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Try something like this:

                    field: 'state',
                    editorArgs: {store: stateStore, style: 'width:120px;', maxHeight: -1}
                }, dijit.form.Select)"

Here is the example: https://github.com/SitePen/dgrid/blob/master/test/GridFromHtml_Editors.html

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thanks a lot, I found the answer on one of the other test files on the link. thought I am wondering why this code is so hard to find on the net? I tried so hard to find the answer until you helped me. thanks again –  ahmed Jan 18 '13 at 22:32

the answer based on frederic answer:

    label: "subject",
    field: "subject",
    editorArgs: {
        style: "width:75px;",
        options: [
            {value: "true", label: "true"},
            {value: "false", label: "false"}
}, Select, "dblclick")
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