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I've read a book For eg., Pro SQL Server 2008 Relation Database Design And Implementation Lois Davidson where I've found suggestion to check the @@rowncount inside the trigger: if it is = 0 then return:

if @@rowcount = 0 return

I'm wondering if the no row is modified how come trigger is fired?

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The trigger fires for the statement being run. It will fire even if the table is empty, or if the statement affected no rows:

create table tr (i int);

create trigger g on tr after update
print 'foo'

update tr set i = 2
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thanks for an example! –  Alexander Fedorenko Jan 17 '13 at 10:24

Becuase Trigger won't be able to know how many rows are affected by the triggering event that is why you have to check inside.

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Trigger is fired because triggering event has occured. Trigger does not check how many rows are affected. Therefore you've to check @@rowcount inside trigger body. To fire a trigger, triggering event is important and not the number of rows affected.

Also be aware that the behaviour of @@rowcount in a trigger when fired by a MERGE statement in SQL 2008 is not what is expected and is different.


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