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i am using spring-integration-jdbc database listener

which will query against the database forever, the configuration is like below

<int-jdbc:inbound-channel-adapter id="listener"
    query="select * from view1 where type='ABCD' and date=:newDate"

            <integration:interval-trigger interval="100000"/>


<integration:splitter input-channel="chone" output-channel="chtwo"/>
<integration:service-activator input-channel="chone" ref="myclass" method="mymethod"/>

<integration:channel id="chone"/>
<integration:channel id="chtwo"/>

<bean id="parameterList" class="com.my.package.mySqlParamenterSource">
<property name="newDate"  value="${date}"/>

i want newDate parameter in the query to be refreshed everyday automatically.. without restaring the application.. how to accomplish this.

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Given that you already have a custom parameter source, simply have it return the appropriate date whenever getValue("newDate") is called.

Or, you can get more sophisticated by using runtime SpEL expressions.

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