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As per JQuery example code for Sortable Portlets the minimize functionality already exists. I have added the sortable functionality and it does work but not as expected. After I resize a portlet the minimize button only hides the text and doesnt toggle the border of the portlet.

This is my code:


<div class="column">
  <div class="portlet">
    <div class="portlet-header">Calls</div>
    <div class="portlet-content">test Calls content</div>
  <div class="portlet">
     <div class="portlet-header">Phone</div>
     <div class="portlet-content">test Phone content</div>
  <div class="portlet">
      <div class="portlet-header">Contacts</div>
      <div class="portlet-content">test Contacts content</div>


$( ".column" ).sortable({ connectWith: ".column", delay: 150,placeholder: "ui-state-highlight" });

$(".portlet").addClass("ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-helper-clearfix ui-corner-all") .find(".portlet-header") .addClass("ui-widget-header ui-corner-all") .prepend('') .end() .find(".portlet-content");

  $(".portlet-header .ui-icon").click(function()   


Any ideas? As I said after resize the minimize button just hides the content and doesn't toggle the border of the respective portlet. thank you

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Just in case anyone else stumbles across this problem (I came across this question earlier, and Google isn't much help bar this lonely un-answered post), the trick is to re-size the parent .portlet panel css. I've ended up with this but I'm sure there's a more elegant solution:

$(".portlet-header .ui-icon-minusthick").click(function () {
    if($(this).hasClass("ui-icon-minusthick") == true)
        $(this).parents(".portlet:first").animate({height: "40px"}, 500);
        $(this).parents(".portlet:first").animate({height: "300px"}, 500);

Hope this helps anyone still Googling it!

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