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Hi I have set up dijit/select but the problem is that I am not sure tow to capture and indicate the value when selecting. I have seen dijit/form select, dojo.query and dojo/on. But I am still not able to come up with solution. Can you pls advise? Thanks

var select_Card = new Select
  {label:"<span id='NotinUse'><b>&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp. . .</b></span>", value:"", selected:true},
 {label:"<span id='NotinUse'><b>&nbsp&nbspA Card</b></span>", value:"a" },
 {label:"<span id='inUse'><b>&nbsp&nbspB Card</b></span>", value:"b"},
 {label:"<span id='NotinUse'><b>&nbsp&nbspC Card</b></span>", value:"c"},
 {label:"<span id='NotinUse'><b>&nbsp&nbspD Card</b></span>", value:"d"},
 {label:"<span id='NotinUse'><b>&nbsp&nbspE Card</b></span>", value:"e"},
       ], style:{width:'150px'}

    var card = dom.byId('inUse');   
on(card,'click', function(evt)
     alert('Item selected is'+ card.value);


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The onChange event of the widget is what you want.

on(select_Card, 'change', function(newValue){


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Hi Craig. Thanks. How do you know about the cards though I did not put the cards here in this code? I am surprised to see the cards in your jsfidder though I put only A to E in this code here. Nevertheless. Thank you. –  user1739825 Jan 18 '13 at 0:34
That fiddle was originally built for your other question at stackoverflow.com/questions/14334959/… I just enhanced it to answer this one. –  Craig Swing Jan 18 '13 at 1:04
oh no wonder.... Sorry Thanks –  user1739825 Jan 18 '13 at 1:48
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