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I am working in Oracle APEX.I am Making report from following four tables Patient History Junction and Disease but unable to make it.

I want to SELECT

Pat_Name,Pat_Age` from Patient Table


Treated_By,Sys_Date from History Table


Dis_Name from Disease Table

.There is a Junction Table between History and Disease. Below is the diagram of the above scenario.

enter image description here

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You need to JOIN each of the tables, similar to this:

select p.pat_name,
from patient p
inner join history h
  on p.pat_id = h.pat_id
  and p.app_id = h.app_id
left join junction j
  on p.pat_id = j.pat_id
left join disease d
  on j.dis_id = d.dis_id

If you need help learning join syntax, check this helpful visual explanation of joins.

Notice that I used an INNER JOIN between patient and history and joined the tables on both keys in patient. This type of join will return all matching records in both tables.

I used a LEFT JOIN on the other two tables which will return all of the patient/history data even if there is not a matching record in the other two tables. Depending on your need, you might be able to use an INNER JOIN on those tables.

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Thanks @bluefeet .. It Works –  Muhammad Usman Jan 17 '13 at 10:14
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