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I am writing up a Powershell Script to automatically pulling info from one database to update Active Directory, e.g. adding new users.

I am new to Active Directory and am using this useful graphic maps to link UI label to AD attributes

I would expect the UserPrincipalName, e.g., is the unique identifier of user accounts.

But during testing, it turns out otherwise. If I do:

$status = New-QADUser -FirstName 'Tina' -LastName 'Tana' -Name 'Tina A Tana' `
            -UserPrincipalName '' `
            -ParentContainer 'OU=OU2,OU=OU2,DC=example,DC=com'
$status = New-QADUser -FirstName 'Tina' -LastName 'Tana' -Name 'Tina B Tana' `
            -UserPrincipalName '' `
            -ParentContainer 'OU=OU2,OU=OU2,DC=example,DC=com'

2 accounts will be both created OK, with the only difference being the -Name field.

If I do:

$status = New-QADUser -FirstName 'Tina' -LastName 'Tana' -Name 'Tina Tana' `
            -UserPrincipalName '' `
            -ParentContainer 'OU=OU2,OU=OU2,DC=example,DC=com'
$status = New-QADUser -FirstName 'Tina' -LastName 'Tana' -Name 'Tina Tana' `
            -UserPrincipalName '' `
            -ParentContainer 'OU=OU2,OU=OU2,DC=example,DC=com'  

The difference is only the -UserPrincipalName . the 2nd add-user will fail, PS says user already created. I tried other combinations, but it indicates -Name must be unique, other fields do not matter.

Have I missed anything? It seems to me that people can have a same name, but the when creating an account, the user principal name SHOULD be unique. (When you manually create a new user AD account using AD User and Computers GUI tool, if you give a same logon name (i.e. userPrincipalName) to different people, the tool will tell you you must give a different logon name.

So why is it different when doing it from Powershell using Quest Add-QADUser? Why when doing it from Powershell, the command will be executed successfully?

puzzled! Many thx for your input!

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Read this microsoft KB and this msdn library

Active Directory itself does not enforce uniqueness of a UPN. The process that creates or modifies the UPN is responsible to check for uniqueness (this is done by querying the global catalog). Probably New-Qaduser doesn't do this check.

Usually the unique identifyer for an user is the samAccountName. If you don't set the UserPrincipalName AD build a default one: the user principal name has two parts: the UPN prefix (the user account name) and the UPN suffix (a DNS domain name). The parts are joined together by the at sign (@) symbol to make the complete UPN. For example, the user Someone who has an account in the Example domain would have a UPN of "".

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