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I know that in Desktop apps we have things like Form_Closing which is great for doing stuff before the app shuts down, but I need to do things before a Metro app shuts down (is closed by the user or the system) and I can't get this working.

The only events that seem to be even remotely related are the App_Suspending and pageRoot_Unloaded events.

My problem is that my code (any code at all) never gets called if I put it in the Unloaded event, which makes me believe that the Unloaded event never gets fired.

I haven't tried using the Suspending event yet because I need to do this work when the app is actually closing, or about to be closed, not just suspended.

Any ideas?

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you can override OnNavigatedFrom method which will be invokved when page is being navigated away from.


I dont think there is any explicit calls for app being terminated (accept checking the previous state in app.xaml.cs)

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Thank you @Hermit –  Tommy Jan 17 '13 at 10:39

There is no diff between Closing and Suspending Metro App on the moment of suspending, so you must save state in OnSuspending override every time. But after re-Activating you can see what was happened with your App (OnLaunched (for example, here you can see value ClosedByUser)). Here is not bad article about WinRT LifeCycle.

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Thank you @Spawn –  Tommy Jan 17 '13 at 10:38

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