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Can windows detect when a monitor, mouse or keyboard is disconnected from the computer? If so what Win32 API is used for this?

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Which language are you using? – John Sibly Sep 17 '09 at 9:54

Not sure about the monitor, but the keyboard and mouse being disconnected should fire off a WM_DEVICECHANGE message if they are USB devices. See this link for details: WM_DEVICECHANGE

There is a good discussion of WM_DEVICECHANGE on this forum, relating to its usage with HID devices (Mouse/Keyboard/etc.)

For more detailed notification you can use the RegisterDeviceNotification function RegisterDeviceNotification

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To react to monitor changes, handle WM_DISPLAYCHANGE (see

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As far as I recall there is no way to detect PS/2 disconnection events. Monitor and USB can be trapped but I don't know how.

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Well, PS/2 has no disconnection events because it simply doesn't support getting unplugged while in use. And this can fry your controller if you do it :-) – Joey Sep 17 '09 at 9:15

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